Johannes van Kan

Once I was a scientist. A Food Technologist for those that need to know.

I forget now if the coffee addiction came before or after the urge to create photographs that told stories. I suspect the latter!

Amongst all the laws of science I was troubled by the notion that the facts would always get in the way of creative expression.
One day the magic of time in a darkroom captured my imagination, soul, and then pretty much every waking moment. I had to leave science because it was too serious and stopped me spending time on photography.

* I love photographing people
* I love photographing wedding
* I love the attention to details
* I love the emotions
* I love the stories
* I love the relationships
* I love the chaos

Actually I especially love the chaos because it is from the chaos that comes the unpredictable and exciting opportunities of a wedding.

This unpredictability allows me to photograph weddings all over the world. I have photographed weddings and portraits in Colorado, Miami, Wanaka, Christchurch, Perth, London, Barcelona, Queenstown, Auckland, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Martinborough, and Wellington. These challenges make me work even harder and appreciate my good fortune as a photographer.

My take on portraits, in an ideal world would involve collaborative story telling, ..... and several cups of coffee.


Canon Eyecon Mentor

Leica Master

New Zealand Institute of Professional Photograph- Fellow Member

Industry Photography Judge and Mentor

Canon New Zealand Master

Conference Speaker


International Photography Awards
WPPI Wedding Album Award of Excellence
Single photographer) First Place 2010
Australian Photography Awards (AIPP)
Gold 2008, 2007, 2006

New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)

New Zealand Ian Poole memorial award BEST JUDGE 2018

New Zealand Wedding Category Silver Awards
New Zealand Wedding Finalist of the Year 2012
New Zealand Wedding Album of the Year 2009
New Zealand Wedding Album of the Year 2008
New Zealand Portrait Photographer of the Year Finalist, 2008
New Zealand Wedding Album of the Year 2007
New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year 2006
NZIPP Highest Scoring Colour Print 2006
New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year 2005
New Zealand Wedding Photographer of the Year 2004
and so many Kodak, NZIPP, & AIPP Gold and Silver
awards that we have stopped counting.