Johannes van Kan and Weddings

Classic wedding photography is for people who see beauty in the simple things
It is wedding photography for the ones who want things that are real, and beautiful.

This is not for the posers and the pretenders. This is photography that says great things
It is real emotions with real people. The photography is kind and simple.
Sometimes it is not kind and simple because it is honest. But in its honesty it is still somehow beautiful.
It is photography that is worth paying for. It is not a box of tricks, it is its own magic.
It is as much about inner beauty as it is about the beauty in feeling great.
Classic photography is often black and white but at times it must be colour.
Classic photography is more than a style, it is a way of creating images that come from mindful actions.

Classic photography is about getting it right from the beginning.
The beginning starts when you come to this website and agree with what we believe.
It is a collaboration between you and me.
And the ‘you’ part is the most important of all.

I have awards.

Golds, silvers, and bronzes, …lots of them
I have won categories ‘NZIPP Wedding Photographer of the year’ and ‘NZIPP Wedding Album of the year’ several times. And an International Wedding Album award from the WPPI.

But they are not as important to me as actually being really good at what I do for you.
They make me feel recognised by my peers, but the work I do for you on your day is more relevant than what I have done in the past.

I thought I wanted to be a photographer but really I wanted to be an alchemist, turning pieces of photographic paper into memories worth keeping. This magic does not come from a filter in photoshop.

And what is the magic of Classic Wedding Photography…. it is simply beautiful! …. it is honest and emotional. I want to work with people who believe that this is important.
These people would believe in romantic gesture. They would love black and white imagery ….not just because it has had the colour taken out, but because of its honesty and strength.
They would believe that great images don’t just happen. Great moments might happen all the time but they need to be recognised and captured to be images in the first instance.

Wedding pricing starts at $2800